About The Trust

Nkonka Trust is mandated to manage and restore approximately 50 hectares of open sourgrass land located at the very end of Haygarth Road in Kloof, Durban.    

This is a very unique piece of property which is under threat from alien plant and species invasion and hence the Trust is tasked with raising funds and managing the project to restore the Sourgrass land back to its former state as well as to ensure the safety of the Flora, Fauna, Animal and Bird Life populations.   

We are blessed with this property being in our precinct but we really do need the support of people to donate generously with money and or with their labour and time.

This unique property featured on the front page of  the Highway Mail.

To make this property more appealing to the public and create something even more special we, the Trustees, are asking if you would please consider helping us through your community upliftment programme/community service to create several differing walking trails cut into the landscape to make “walkers walks/runs” more user friendly – This property is very similar to that which you have at Kearsney it is located on the side of a steep escarpment – maybe not as severe as the Kearsney conservancy.

Another project over and above the walking trails is that the Durban Ethekwini Municipality has kindly made available to us a water point adjacent to their reservoir for exclusive use to develop a little open water reservoir for the local animals and birds to access and again would you in close consultation with local support help to bring to life this project.  

The hard manual labour work of local members of the public would be so very important in making this beautiful property more special for all visitors and they will be rewarded with the Trust providing confirmation of the Community Service hours.