About The Trust

The Nkonka Trust, founded in 1998, is an active organisation managed and driven by volunteer Trustees, with the broad aims of promoting conservation generally but with particular emphasis on the area adjoining the Kloof Plateau on the south side of the M13, establishing relationships with like-minded individuals and organisations and establishing a nature reserve for the purposes of promoting wildlife conservation and indigenous vegetation.

This is a unique property under threat from alien plant species invasion, and hence the Trust has been tasked to raising funds to managing the project to restore the KZN Sandstone Sourveld grassland to its former pristine state, and in so doing to ensure the safety of the Flora and Fauna populations on the property.


Nkonka Trust is mandated to manage and restore approximately 50 hectares of open KZN Sandstone Sourveld grassland located at the very end of Haygarth Road in Kloof, Durban.

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To conserve, enhance and sustain this valuable nature area for the benefit of all.


  • Implement sound conservation practice.
  • Minimise ecological impact on the Trust area.
  • Increase the carrying capacity of the Trust area through appropriate management.
  • Promote nature based recreational activities.
  • Implement appropriate measures to ensure the Trust area is safe and secure and contributes to these qualities in the neighbourhood.
  • Actively encourage partnerships with interested and affected parties, especially neighbours with a common vision.
  • Promote environmental awareness and vision.
  • Promote an active “conservancy” with residential and industrial involvement in the area.


  • Consult with the necessary experts in compiling and implementing an Environmental Management Plan for the Trust area.
  • Manage access to the Trust area by having the whole area fenced to an appropriate standard, and ensuring maintenance of the fence line.
  • Yearly implementation of management and maintenance activities (e.g. Burning) to ensure ecological sustainability.
  • Develop a recreational plan for the Trust area.
  • Develop a safety and security specification for the Trust area.
  • Develop an environmental awareness program.

Identified Projects

  • Invasive Alien Plant Clearing
  • Development and maintenance of Hiking/Walking/Jogging Trails
  • Erection of benches at points with stunning vistas for people to enjoy the splendid sunrises and sunsets.
  • Planting of indigenous shade trees strategically placed to provide shaded picnic areas.
  • Create a car park area to manage vehicular access.

In order to make this valuable community environmental resource more appealing to the public and to create something special, the trustees work on a voluntary basis and currently employ a two person team who work on the site on a daily basis to assist with the primary projects as identified. The activities undertaken incur substantial costs and the trust relies on donations to keep the work progressing.

In order to ensure that the trust can continue to undertake our identified projects and work towards achieving our objectives for the Nkonka Trust area, we would like the community, local businesses and users of the Trust area to become more involved in the work of the Trust and to please consider supporting The Nkonka Trust through your community upliftment programme/community service so that we can create several clearly sign-posted walking/running trails cut into the landscape to make user friendly walking and running trails that are able to provide for different levels of fitness.

Further to the walking/running trails project, the eThekwini Municipality has kindly made available to Nkonka Trust a water point adjacent to their reservoir for exclusive use to develop a little open water reservoir for the local animals and birds to access.

This is another project where community and local business support and involvement in cash or kind will help to bring this project to life. 

The support and contributions of local members of the public is important in making this property a special sanctuary for all visitors. Any person assisting with projects at Nkonka will also be able obtain a letter from the Trust providing confirmation of Community Service hours, if required.

Nkonka is open every day from 06:00 to 18:00 and visitors are welcome to bring family and friends to walk the paths, picnic or just enjoy the breath taking views.